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People sometimes fuel snowmobiles inside covered trailers or vehicles, which can contain multiple machines. It's unsafe to refuel any vehicle or container in an enclosed area for the following reasons:

- Fire codes require attendants to observe all fueling activity to ensure safe fuel handling and to intervene if a problem such as a spill or fire occurs. Attendants cannot monitor refueling if a customer is inside an enclosed trailer or vehicle.
- Gasoline vapours are highly flammable, and if confined inside an enclosed trailer or vehicle, can be ignited by static or other ignition sources. If this happens, customers could be trapped inside the enclosed space with no easy escape.
- Inhaling gasoline vapours in an enclosed space is a health hazard.

Customers should fill "CSA Approved" portable containers on the ground outside the enclosed vehicle or trailer. Containers should be filled only to 95% capacity. Equipment can be fueled at the destination only when unloaded.

We know how important safety is to the snowmobile community and appreciate your help to share this communication with your members. It will help them better understand fueling policy and could save lives

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