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Make sure there is enough snow cover to ensure your sled is getting enough lubrication.
- Check condition of your snowmobile clothing and ensure you have adequate accessories for warmth.
- Stay on marked or familiar trails.
- Obey all trail signs, markers and speed limits.
- Know and use correct hand signals.
- Learn the language of snowmobile trail signage.
- Service your sled for maintenance and repair. Check your belt, track, oil, grease, change old fuel, ensure tail and headlights are working, place reflective material on sled for night riding.
- Put together a safety kit and store it in the trunk of your sled. You will need a tow rope, first aid kit, survival food, spark plugs and extra snowmobile belt.
- Plan your snowmobile ride. Tell someone where you’re going so someone can find you if you’re in trouble.
- Obtain a snowmobile trail map of the area that you are riding in.
- Learn safe snowmobiling. It is mandatory for all young riders operating a snowmobile in public areas to complete a safety course.
- Make sure your sled fits you. Can you start and lift the sled on your own? Is it comfortable? Can you maneuver it easily?
- Join a snowmobile club in your area. Clubs sponsor outings, build and maintain trails and hold safety seminars.
- Remember – it’s two-way traffic on all groomed snowmobile trails.

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