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If someone goes through the ice, you must act quickly. The longer the person is in the water, the shorter their chance of survival is. Do not step on the ice. Tell the person who has fallen in to grab as far up on the edge as they can, and kick their feet. The kicking will help them stay afloat. Yell for help and quickly look for something to pull them to safety – a scarf, jacket, belt, or tree branch. Lie down as close as safely possible to the open hole and reach with whatever you have. If other people are around, you can form a human chain. When you get the person up on the ice, do not stand up. Crawl a number of yards away from the hole. After you pull someone out, get them warm and dry as soon as possible and seek medical attention. REMEMBER: Just because the ice is thick in one spot, does not mean it will be all over. The best rule to follow is “If you don’t know, don’t go!”
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